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Innovation report 2023

This year’s Innovation Report features special video presentations focused on some exciting startups in the Mississippi entrepreneurial ecosystem, along with coverage of several more companies making a big different in the state. Plus, stories and photos from our signature events and initiatives, celebrating startups and working to increasing access to capital to help build Mississippi’s startup economy.

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Innovation Report 2023 features stories on entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem from around MIssissippi.

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Hometown Workforce

Hometown Workforce connects homeowners and contractors for more satisfying home improvement transactions.


Vertecore, a Natchez-based startup, offers the Vertecore Lift, an innovative, low-cost device to help back-pain sufferers find drug-free relief.

Shovel Solutions

Shovel Solutions offers a technology solution to a major challenge in the construction industry—getting dirt to the right place and the right people paid.

The Skin Consult

The Skin Consult is a metro Jackson-based startup connecting customers and skin care providers in an online marketplace.


Humo is a startup company based in Starkville, Miss., offering a wearable technology solution to help golfers improve.

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ConnectVNA modernizes the management of oil and gas wells, investors, leaseholders and other constituents.


Tupleo-based Carmigo has grown its marketplace connecting used-car sellers and dealers into a national contender.


PockitPay offers buy-now-pay-later financing for medical procedures, filling the gap left by deductibles and out-of-pocket limits.


iResonate make the ClickTip add-on for creator websites, allowing consumers to quickly and easily pay providers of creative content that they appreciate.

gS REsearch

GS Research makes the WonderWindow, an energy-efficient window that could change the building industry—and have a social impact along the way. 


Journez by Narratrip is the ‘WAZE of Cultural Travel’ according to the founders of this Mississippi startup that wants to make roadtrips more mind-expanding and local.


PPX-TEC offers a technology solution, fully integrated with Apple Healthkit, that enables patients to access and control their own data.


The Memorial Asset Protection Plan is going national with tools that help funeral directors broaden their financial planning portfolio with clients.


Tempo is a group chat application for college student that will soon invite creators to upload educational, entertaining content to build revenue.


Ferson Technologies is an 80-year-old company that is making a pivot from government contract work to creating their own products.


Prospective Vision Solutions offers free financial literacy workshops in partnership with non-profits and municipalities.

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CoBuilders, a partnership-driven accelerator, launched in 2022 to great success, with even bigger plans in 2023.
Innovate Mississippi was proud to have supported the launch of South Mississippi Angel Fund I, a new regional angel fund focused from Hattiesburg to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Innovate Mississippi is the contractor for the Fund for Funds and Direct programs to invest federal dollars in startups.
Innovate Mississippi has won two Economic Development Administration grants to boost investment and entrepreneurship.
After finding success in Jackson and several other markets around the country, Microsoft’s TechSpark is going national.
MDA conferred five ETAP awards in the 2022 V-Quad program enabling startups to tap the expertise of local academics.
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July 28, 2022 brought founders, investors, sponsors and the general public to hear startup pitches and celebrate Mississippi’s startup ecosystem.

On the first day on Accelerate, startup companies pitch an audience of mentors and investors, while investors offer advice and insights from the dais. See those videos here.


CONNECT meeting are held most months on the first Thursday in Jackson to allow entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to network in a business-casual setting.

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We are excited to introduce our first all-digital magazine format as a way to tell the incredible stories of Mississippi startups and the growing Innovation Ecosystem. We hope you enjoy our interactive content and share these stories that all show a crucial message: “You Can Do That Here in Mississippi.”

We’re also excited for the post-pandemic Mississippi. The pandemic opened a whole new world of startups in Mississippi. Many entrepreneurs who had been thinking about startup ideas for a while or working on them as a “side hustle” rethought their priorities and decided to jump full force into the startup world. Those companies are now getting up to speed, and our new comfort with remote connectivity has also made the distances around our state smaller than ever before.

Our pilot of the CoBuilders Accelerator in 2022 was a great success. That program will serve as a foundation upon which we will grow resources and startups all over the state. The regional partnerships that are the cornerstone of CoBuilders are also the building blocks for our new paradigm of developing regional ecosystems and connecting them statewide. We’re excited about 2023 and being on the cusp of AI possibilities. While we can’t know what the future will bring, it’s clear that we have learned to overcome challenges and keep the innovation ecosystem growing.

On behalf of Innovate Mississippi’s staff and board of directors, I hope this issue of Innovation Report inspires you through the breadth and energy of Mississippi’s startups. I also hope it moves you to get involved, whether as a mentor, sponsor, investor, or entrepreneur. With your help, we can make 2023 a banner year for innovation and economic growth in Mississippi.

– Tony Jeff, CEO, Innovate Mississippi

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